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I’m Ruthy, and I live in New York City, where I work in freelance recipe testing, development and editing. I also do freelance food writing and cooking class instruction. Interested in working with me?  You can reach me here:

In my freelance career, I have done work as a recipe tester and technical editor for Cabot Cheese.  I recently completed a project with new company GoodFolks Melting Cheese, developing and editing recipes for their melting cheese product.

I have also been involved in a number of projects with DK/Penguin Random House Books as a recipe tester and technical editor. Together we have worked on the cookbook Ramen Fusion, which was published on October 6, 2015, The Idiot’s Guides: Autoimmune Cookbook, which was released on December 6, 2015, and the upcoming Marijuana Edibles, arriving in June 2016. 

I’m currently a staff recipe tester for food52, helping to analyze the many user-submitted recipes and help make the decision as to what will be published, both on the site and in their array of cookbooks.

Since 2011, I have worked with Rustico Cooking School as one of their freelance chef instructors.

During my past as a food blogger, I worked with a number of different clients including Fleischmann’s Yeast, Karo Syrup, Kallari Organic Chocolate, the Consorzio del Prosciutto di Parma, Cabot Cheese, California Olives, Recipe Rehab, My Irish Jeweler, and Kitchen PLAY. I have been a featured blogger on Yummly, Buzzfeed, and Honest Cooking. In 2014, I stepped away from food blogging to concentrate more on my family and my freelance career. 

I’m always interested in working with companies, publishers or brands, and am open to all relationships involving areas of my expertise. Feel free to contact me about rates and availability!